Yarrow Medicine by Alyson Maier

Aimed as a children’s book, this charming story is the third in a series about Sammy the mouse, who is learning about the wonder of herbs by things that happen to him, his family, and friends.

His mentors include grandad and his mother and a little extra learning in this book, teaches Sammy about how his immune system works, adds to the knowledge Sammy finds fascinating.

This book is beautifully illustrated by Morag Aitchison, the same artist as in the previous books, on Dandelion and Plantain medicine.

A bedtime story or an anytime, to read together or alone, this gem of a book is just enough to start something wonderful stirring the imagination and memory.

If you want to remember something, tell a story, weaving tales is a method of communicating and sharing that we humans have done for centuries.  I love that we still understand the importance of this today, and there are many who share stories.

Books are special to own and touch, they are a gift, but sharing them is also a pleasure. We all have stories to tell, writing them down and passing them on makes a writer a true weaver of magic.

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