A Hawthorn herbal rabbit hole: discovering herbal actions and rediscovering herbal gifts

Words by Neil Allies  What’s the difference between a home herbalist and a professional medical herbalist? There are probably lots of different answers to that question, depending on who you ask! The first time you see a paying client after qualifying must be a scary but exciting benchmark moment for a practitioner, and one I’m ...
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Curse or Cure: The precarious world of Plant Lore & Recipe for Elderberry syrup

Words By Kayleigh Sinclair According to Grieve’s Herbal in 1931, that “the English summer begins with Elderflowers and ends with Elderberries".   An unremarkable shrub for most of the year that is scattered throughout the deeper, rich soils of hedgerows and woodlands of England, the Elder tree (Sambucus nigra) comes into its own in summer adorned in ...
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Warming Winter Remedies

At Grass Roots Remedies, we work to rekindle people’s passion for our traditions of community herbal health care in an ecologically sustainable way, whilst acknowledging the contributions from other cultural traditions. For much of the year, we look to the hedgerows, forests and coast to find locally available, sustainable plant, fungi and seaweed communities. ...
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- May 10, 2021
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Herb Histories: Birch – Wine, Oil and Tar

Deep-rooted and deeply-rooted within the European landscape, the Birch tree has been a part of the natural landscape since before there were written records of history. It's called a pioneer species meaning that it easily inhabits barren environments, and is one of the first trees that appeared after the final Ice Age. It's presence ...
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