- April 12, 2024
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A herb shop on every corner

Herbal living I would love to see herbs embraced more into our everyday lives in Britain. Not just considered as an embellishment to food, or a pretty addition to the garden, but truly relied upon as bringers, maintainers and restorers of health and vitality. Especially with an attitude towards prevention being better than cure, we ...
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Pancakes Anyday

Words by Kristine De Block, Medical Herbalist --------------- Sunshine in a pan Pancake Day is a delightful tradition that's celebrated with joy in many corners of the world. Across Europe, the tradition of pancake making is a cherished ritual. These golden, round treats are symbols of the sun's life-giving warmth, a beacon of hope during the chilly ...
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Biophilia and the healing power of Nature: What makes medicine, ‘medicine’?

Words by Neil Allies There is a phrase that is sometimes used amongst practitioners – a ‘brown bottle herbalist’ – meaning, at its extreme, someone that uses herbs straight out of a bottle, without building a relationship or knowledge of the actual plant itself. This type of herbalism probably does not reflect the experience of ...
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A Hawthorn herbal rabbit hole: discovering herbal actions and rediscovering herbal gifts

Words by Neil Allies  What’s the difference between a home herbalist and a professional medical herbalist? There are probably lots of different answers to that question, depending on who you ask! The first time you see a paying client after qualifying must be a scary but exciting benchmark moment for a practitioner, and one I’m ...
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- October 6, 2023

Healing herbal vinegars – discovering an old way to use herbs at home

Words by Neil Allies Medical herbalists prescribe herbs to patients to help improve their health but what’s the best way to ‘take’ herbs? Hippocrates, the ‘Father of Medicine’, is famously reported to have said ‘Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food’ (although there’s no evidence he actually did write this). Whoever did say it, ...
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Curse or Cure: The precarious world of Plant Lore & Recipe for Elderberry syrup

Words By Kayleigh Sinclair According to Grieve’s Herbal in 1931, that “the English summer begins with Elderflowers and ends with Elderberries".   An unremarkable shrub for most of the year that is scattered throughout the deeper, rich soils of hedgerows and woodlands of England, the Elder tree (Sambucus nigra) comes into its own in summer adorned in ...
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