- March 27, 2015
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Are Hobbits Herbalists?

Hobbiton is a wonderful place to visit I haven't read Tolkein's The Hobbit for a few years, but greatly enjoyed the films, so couldn't resist the opportunity to visit the Hobbiton film set when I was in New Zealand a few weeks ago. Herbs everywhere The film set was built to ...
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- September 24, 2014
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Isle of Wight Lavender – a national collection

A herb grower on the Isle of Wight Fragrant herbs growing in a lavender garden I was on the Isle of Wight in August for a mini-break with my husband, so thought I'd pop in and have a look at the national collection of lavenders. It was lovely to meet Reuben, whose family has been on ...
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- July 28, 2014
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Visit Plantasia at Kew for Herb Heaven

Herb information in abundance at Plantasia I visited Kew in the first week of June with friends, not realising that Plantasia was on. It's a really informative project, with signage everywhere, explaining the usefulness of a variety of plants. Experience the life-enhancing power of plants at the Kew Gardens Summer Plantasia Festival until 7 September 2014. Of ...
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- July 2, 2014
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Bees and insects in the garden

Encouraging insects in the garden Did you know it was National Insect Week last week? It is well known how important insects are in the pollination of food crops, and recently honey bee colony collapse disorder has brought new fears of a decline in this vital insect. There is much information available online about encouraging ...
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