- June 4, 2020
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All about Sweet Cicely

Written by Julia Russell - Herb Society member and practising herbalist (AMH member)   Sweet Cicely (Myrrhis odorata) is currently flowering along hedgerows, byways, field margins and on river banks in the Northern British Isles.   A word of caution if foraging for this plant, as it is a member of the carrot family (Apiaceae); a family including ...
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- April 18, 2020
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Written by Nicky Westwood - Herb Society Trustee How lovely to celebrate the spring and take the time, as we can now in this period of Covid-19, to look around us and enjoy the herbs that grow wild in our area. The field next door to me is currently full of Alexanders.  They love their ...
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- June 14, 2019

Helping the Bees with Herbs – Part 1

Written by Herb Society Member - Beverley Walker The plight of the honey bee has led to a dramatic increase in the number of hobby beekeepers over recent years - of which I was one. More hives are great but what about the forage to support them and the many other pollinators not ‘kept’ by ...
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- September 29, 2016
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Internet resources for herb enthusiasts by Ruth Ridley

Herbs around the web The web is a great place to find information but there are almost too many places to look! Here are some favourite places for finding out about herbs. Our Herb Society pages Our new website The new and improved Herb Society site is now up and running at herbsociety.org.uk - so do check out ...
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