Oregano and Marjoram – perfect for your Summer food planning

Written by Sara Dixon - Herb Society Member Let's address the fact that many academic tomes have been written about how Oregano is really Marjoram - and vice versa!  And that something is really only Oregano if it has something called 'cavacrol' in it... Actually rather interesting!   Most importantly, if you put Marjoram under your pillow ...
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Hawthorn Blossom Pudding

Written by Kristine De Block - NIMH Medical Herbalist & Herb Society Member... Hawthorn is in bloom at the moment, so it is the perfect time to harvest and use this extraordinary and beautiful medicinal herb. Medical herbalists have long used hawthorn berries, leaves and flowers for the physical and emotional heart. It truly is ...
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March in the ‘Herb Larder’ – Wild Rocket and a wealth of different Lavender flavours

Written by Sara Dixon - Herb Society Member If you are still with me on building your 'Herb Larder' in the garden, in pots, on the allotment - then let's carry on!   Two herbs.  Contrasting experiences on the tongue!  The feistiness of Wild Rocket.  The sweetness of the various types of Lavenders. Ideal for March - ...
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- March 7, 2020
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Forage on a Farm

Discover the shoots and greens of Spring as you forage the meadows, woods and hedgerows of Woodland an organic farm nestled in the Sussex countryside. Grow your knowledge on different plant properties that make them valuable food & medicine. Make tonics, macerated oils and salves with renowned herbalist Julia Behrens. Create a foraged lunch ...
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